Grandchildren of Italian and German immigrants who arrived in Brazil in the middle of the 20th century, the Brüner brothers, inherited and cultivated a family tradition in jewelry for more than fifty years. Uniting the recognized Italian creativity and German precision, with intrinsic values of Brazilian culture, such as the joy of living, the creativity and the vivacity of the Brazilian soul, the Brüner brothers created in 2005 the BRUMANI brand. Today, BRUMANI conquers demanding looks and space in jewelry stores spread over thirty-two countries around the world, as well as parading in international red carpet celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Selena Gomes among others.

Renowned for its exuberant combination of diamonds with rare and precious colored gems, most of them of Brazilian origin, BRUMANI is a creative style atelier, where the know-how and expertise of traditional goldsmithing, handmade, with cutting-edge technology, is founded. Her creations, always with an unusual combination of colors and ton-sur-ton,unite the classic with the contemporary, in a design full of “freshness”, which values the movement and sensuality of the forms and the femininity of the woman. BRUMANI is inspired by the spontaneity of the Brazilian spirit, by the magical and vibrant colors of carnival, by the exuberant beauty of Brazilian nature, to give life to jewels that translate into their essence all the joy of living of the Brazilian soul.

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