Carrery y Carrera

Carrery y Carrera

Carrera y Carrera is a Spanish brand that was founded in 1885 in Madrid. Thanks to its presence in more than 57 countries, it ranks among the 30 most prestigious jewelry companies in the world.

This brand has become an icon of luxury thanks to its distinctive style, imaginative design and above all due to the perfect craftsmanship of the jewelry.

Carerra y Carrea begins a new phase under the slogan “back to the origin”. All members of the creative team, led by the distinguished Spanish designer Daniel Calvo, oversee the handmade jewelry in their Madrid workshops. Calvo’s unique creative sense is the joint result of his love of art nouveau and his passion for fantasy literature. It is therefore not surprising that his inspiration very often comes from mythology, ancient civilization and nature, but always with a touch of fantasy. The jewelry design vision of this brand is to make each piece of jewelry a work of art.

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