The Dreamboule ´s adventure begins one winter evening in a small chalet in the mountains where Ben Crocco spends his Christmas holiday with his wife and three childen. Sitting in front of the fireplace, the designer observes the children playing  with a boule de neige which catches the magic of the flashes of light and the thousand reflections transmitted in the room. Immediately, his imagination runs to precious metals, to a jewel, a ring, which contains a perfect dream to wear. Dreamboule is the result of high craftsmanship, fine Swiss watchmaking and Italian design. 

Dreamboule is not just a ring, it ´s an intricate world in the making. The high level of expertise involved in the process from the choice of precious gems, the engineering and mechanical study, the excellence in the assembly to the ability to preserve the beauty  of an instuition  enhanced by the search for the complex technical precision and skills all reveal a world  of pure excellence. In Dreamboule , watchmaking and jewellery meet to arrive at a new combination where the mechanics merges with beauty.  The creative part of the whole process resides in Milano, in Brera, cradle of emotion and art for centuries. Here the DreamBoule Lab in born, the laboratory where the work of the collectors of the district of Valenza finds fulfilment. Here, in front of Piazza del Carmine, the ring comes to life and becomes that magical examples of complex aesthetic and mechanical perfection. Unparalleled and absolute.

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