The history of the Swiss brand Rado dates back to 1917, when the Schlup brothers produced watch movements for several decades. The first collection under the name Rado Collection did not see the light of day until 1957.

This globally recognized watch brand is renowned for its innovative design and new, revolutionary materials. In the world of watchmaking, Rado represents a pioneering brand that follows the motto: “If we can imagine something, we can make it”.

The company manufactures its watches based on the assumption that only high-quality and durable materials can retain their perfect appearance. That is why Rado invests a lot of energy in the development of the latest technologies and specializes in scratch-resistant materials such as high-tech ceramics, diamond, carbide, sapphire glass, etc. Thanks to these materials, Rado watches are not only highly resistant to external damage, but also skin-friendly and extremely comfortable for users, but above all they have incredible charisma.

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True Square Automatic Open Heart

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