Parmigians are not so much a watch as a work of art and a piece of Swiss cultural heritage. They are the right one for experts and for those who want to make an impression at a meeting. Although the company did not enter the market until 1996, luxury collectors consider it obligatory to own at least one piece of this brand. When Parmigiani introduced the Bugatti watch, the media called it a wonderful madness. Just the kind of madness you have to have.

The company is a manufactory based on the precision of traditional Swiss watchmaking. Each piece is a gem and only a few are made. The brand combines the knowledge of masters and innovation. The company’s founder, Michal Parmigiani, recalls the moment he decided to make an old watch: “The idea that traditional watchmaking can disappear was unbearable for me. I decided to follow my dreams, despite all the doubters. “

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