Zancan – the true identity of a man


Each Zancan collection exudes its own individual style and exclusive look that you identify with – an individuality that you recognize.

Zancan jewelry is the result of a perfect mix of authentic craft techniques and constant innovation into modern and avant-garde technologies. A team of selected professionals carefully oversees every single stage of production with painstaking precision, from the processing of raw materials to the fine finishing of precious stones.

The Couture collection pays tribute to the world of high-end men’s jewellery. 18K gold, diamonds and precious stones set in elegant gold jewelry that simply oozes charm, using avant-garde technical techniques to create this classic collection.

A top collection of men’s jewelry that exudes exclusivity and quality workmanship in a pure Zancan style. This collection has a subtle, classic yet contemporary look, making it the perfect complement to sophisticated, elegant outfits.