In 2007 Caroline Gaspard founded Akillis at the tender age of 25. The brand’s creator fuels the Akillis spirit with her disruptive nature, her thirst for uniqueness, her vitality and daring individuality, creating a world of unfettered liberty and license, with perfection as the ultimate goal. Indeed, her worldview is grounded in values and principles that she strives to instill into her brand. The choice of Greek warrior Achilles as namesake implies a certain responsibility. The legendary hero of the Trojan War, embraced as a symbol of tutelary warrior, protection and honor, also embodies the power to march fearlessly ahead, with virtue and integrity, in a sector ripe for revolution. 

When she founded Akillis, Caroline Gaspard knew that her brand would be rooted in France, drawing on the time-honored savoir-faire that characterizes the French jewelry tradition. The workshops are located in the Lyon region, a bastion of creative excellence where the crème de la crème of master jewelers and other world-renowned craftsmen ply their inimitable trade. From molding to casting, from machining to finishing, from polishing to setting, fulfilling Caroline’s goal of excellence calls for phenomenal dexterity: unmistakably Akillis.

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