Pasquale Bruni

Pasquale Bruni is an authentic brand of Italian luxury jewellery that creates high-quality jewels easily recognized thanks to the emotion, soul and love they convey, together with a hint of sensuality. Our inspiration comes from nature blended in harmony with the colours and warmth of our roots, and with joyful passion put at the service of the self-awareness and femininity of contemporary women.

A piece of jewellery whice created, it is more than a simple precious object, it is a work of art that charms with its minute details. It reflects every woman and tells every woman’s story. It speaks of character and seduction, grace and femininity, dreams and mystery, force and passion. Through symbols, irresistible forms and suggestive colours it communicates beauty, love, stars and dreams, sun and light, flowers and poetry.

In 2001 Eugenia Bruni undertook full responsibility for the creative direction of the brand, adding a contemporary soul to each new collection. From “Ghirlanda” to “Sissi” to the iconic “Bon Ton”and “Giardini Segreti”. Eugenia cherishes the true essence of nature, experimenting colours and shapes to enhance the feminine allure.

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18k Rose Gold Figlia dei Fiori Earrings with Pink Chalcedony, White and Champagne Diamonds

44.800  incl. VAT

18k Rose Gold Petit Joli Necklace with Onyx, White and Champagne Diamonds

35.100  incl. VAT

18k Rose Gold Petit Joli Bracelet with Violet Quartz and Diamonds

29.900  incl. VAT

18k Rose Gold Joli Earrings with White Agate and Lapis Lazuli Doublet, White Agate and Mother of Pearl Doublet, White and Champagne Diamonds

167.700  incl. VAT