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The RF Jewels brand was born in the heart of Italy- in Rome, from where it also took its name: Rome Fine Jewels. Designed for everyday wear, these unique pieces of jewelry allow the wearer to create her own style, thanks to the customization of the jewelry and its ability to always be in harmony with each other. This revolutionary way of seeing jewelry allows us to speak to customers who follow trends and increasingly see jewelry as a precious accessory – a symbol that best expresses their character.

Our identity – the city of Rome, with its beauty, remains the inspiration for our jewelry: the streets, colors, architecture and monuments are part of the DNA of our brand. The details of the inner parts of the jewelry, which are enriched with textures and tracery, imitate the architecture of ancient Rome.

The philosophy of RF Jewels is a new way of seeing and appreciating jewelry, enhancing individuality and timeless beauty for modern women around the world with a contemporary, bold and refined taste. Our jewelry is designed for the busy woman with a dynamic lifestyle, as part of her daily adventure.

Our collections are in harmony with each other. Our goal is that all collections can be combined and create a style that best represents and describes its wearer – we simply offer our customers a unique symbiosis of tradition and innovation. Our iconic collections include: Milleluci, iconic Motion, Alma and Nude.

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RF Jewels 18k Rose Gold Ring Collection Link

52.000  incl. VAT

RF Jewels 18k White Gold Bracelet Collection Iconic Motion

68.200  incl. VAT

RF Jewels 18k Rose Gold Bracelet Collection Myriad

218.000  incl. VAT

RF Jewels 18k Rose Gold Bracelet Collection Iconic Motion

65.000  incl. VAT