Perpetual Moon 38 Gold, Moonlight by Arnold & Son


Staying true to its tradition as a watchmaker that values accuracy and its legacy of high-sea navigation, Arnold & Son has ensured that this moon-phase timepiece will remain accurate for 122 years
Perpetual Moon 38 Gold is dedicated to the Earth’s only permanent natural satellite. Arnold & Son has incorporated its new astronomical moon-phase calibre into an ultra-slim 38 mm red-gold case. This indication appears in the aperture of a shimmering blue mother-of-pearl dial. A sumptuous diamond setting illuminates the hour-markers, crown, lugs and bezel. Glittering by day, scintillating by night, Perpetual Moon 38 Gold makes radiance its hallmark.
The moon-phase complication is the most poetically and charmingly showcased watch function, but that is not all. The moon is large, influential and powerful, both in the sky and at Arnold & Son. It shapes our lives, our oceans, gravity and the appearance of our nights. It is this celestial body that reigns supreme on Perpetual Moon 38 Gold.

Arnold & Son is expanding its moon-phase collection with this creation in red gold (5N). The harmonious blend of complication, design, proportions and gem-setting firmly establish the Perpetual Moon 38 collection as part of a subtle and distinguished world.

Perpetual Moon 38 Gold is adorned with 138 diamonds for a total of ~2.61 carats, but nonetheless remains firmly rooted in the watchmaking codes of the La Chaux-de-Fonds Manufacture, which is steeped in John Arnold’s marine chronometer heritage. This jewel is therefore also a timepiece powered by a finely crafted manual-winding calibre.